What We Did Before TV

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From smart TVs to smart appliances, these days our homes are decked out with all sorts of gadgets. In this trip Back Down The Pennsylvania Road, Mike Stevens takes us to Monroe County in 1996 to show a display that looked at life in the good old days.


  • Litter Me Pickum

    Kids still have more fun with the box then whats in it. When visiting my nephew who has small children. I asked if they ever been held by the feet upside down. After short time of that it was we better go outside, were driving mommy crazy. Several days later in my inbox my nephew said you must have made an impression, they say your name first when they say their prayers.

    • El Ma

      We thought for ourselves, maintained personal goals, faced challenges with integrity, and actually “lived” Life instead of doing it vicariously through people on television or via video games.

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