State Police Investigating Vandalism at Church, Post Office in Hawley

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HAWLEY -- State police in Wayne County want to know who vandalized a church and nearby post office in Hawley.

Investigators say a large rock was thrown through a window at the New Covenant Fellowship Church in Hawley and whoever did it ransacked the church's social hall.

“They threw it through here and it landed on the window still inside and of course it just shattered the whole thing,” said Pastor Bob Nurnberger.

The window at New Covenant Fellowship Church remains broken after some vandals through a large rock through it.

Pastor Bob Nurnberger says whoever broke the window then climbed through it and ransacked their fellowship room.

“Upset chairs basically, threw a couple underneath the table,” said Pastor Nurnberger. “Then they went through the rooms. I don’t know what they were looking for because nothing’s missing.”

“That’s where we hold our youth group for our church,” said parent Kelly Magee.

For people in this community, including Magee, they are disgusted someone could intentionally damage church property.

“I think that’s terrible and awful,” said Magee. “Yeah, we use that facility every Tuesday. They rent it out to us because our church doesn’t have a building.”

“It’s horrible. Why would somebody do something like that? It’s just not right. People go there to worship and everything like that. It’s supposed to be a sacred place,” said Keith Simon.

State police believe the church vandalism could have happened between 4 p.m. Friday and 7 a.m. Saturday because the church was empty during that time.

Investigators say similar damage was found at the nearby post office around the same time.

Postal workers say a rock was thrown through the back window of one of their vans.

Many in the area believe this is the handiwork of juvenile mischief and call the crime senseless.

“It’s sad for our community, I think,” said Magee.

“Kids doing stupid things so,” said Simon.

“Probably kids looking for something to do at night, bored,” said Brian Goldman. “It’s sad. It’s a nice neighborhood, nice place. It shouldn’t happen, shouldn’t happen at all.”

If anyone has any information is asked to call State Police Honesdale 570-253-7126.


  • Jack Mcdonald

    If it was a Mosque it would be a hate crime instead it’s just bored kids doing stupid things, more fake news again!

  • Wow

    Not what we did as kids when we were bored! A lot of Kids today are spoiled because of their parents living guarded lives and abusing the system

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