UPDATE: Heavy Police Response for Incident in Columbia County

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GREENWOOD TOWNSHIP -- Police and a swat team surrounded a home in Columbia County.

Troopers now say a woman would not come out of her place near Millville and cooperate with police early Monday morning.

The fire chief says crews heard explosions similar to flashbangs near the scene.

It's still unclear what first triggered the large police response in Columbia County Monday morning.


  • Paul

    It’s been over 24 hours and we are all very curious; have there been any updates about this that you can release? Thanks for the initial report, please keep us updated!

  • Laura H.

    So…what happened?? Friday night at my house the floor shook and we all heard a loud bang. I thought a support beam broke or something, but perhaps it was related to this?? Just curious to know if there will be any more reporting on this situation.

  • concerned

    Piss poor reporting and we probably will never hear what started it all. Most likely another over the top response by our boys in blue. New police policy seems to be incite an incident and then be sure to escalate the situation.

    • 911, please hold

      So you won’t be calling 911 when someone is breaking down your front door or breaking into your car? Hey, the police now have a system similar to the ‘do not call’ thing for telemarketers – just let them know how much you despise them and they’ll tag your phone numbers to go right to elevator music when you call with an emergency. Win-win.


    These homeowners are really getting out of hand these days – not coming out of their homes, how dare they! Call in a drone strike!

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