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T-Rex Planet Comes to Kingston Armory

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WILKES-BARRE -- T-Rex Planet landed at the 109th Armory in Wilkes-Barre this weekend.

The event featured life-sized animatronic dinosaurs as well as dinosaur skeletons.

Kids could even ride on some of the dinosaurs.

Young paleontologists were able to dig up bones in one area. There was also a "Dino Bounce" house for kids to enjoy.

"I like seeing them move and opening their mouths and closing and moving their wings," said DeLorean Bell of Larksville.

Organizers say there were activities for people of all ages to learn all about what life was like for the prehistoric creatures.

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  • Every day I'm shuffling

    I went to this with my son, for what they offered it was WAYYYYYY over-priced,shame on them for taking advantage of hard working parents like that! I was expecting a more educational and fun experience and for everthing except maybe the food and souveiners to be included, but in addition to paying to walk in the door you had to buy tickets for about 1/3 of the things there. Next year I think I’ll save some money and just take him to the circus.

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