Cleaning Up in Lycoming County After Second Storm This Week

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WOLF TOWNSHIP -- People in Lycoming County are cleaning up after a second storm in five days blew down trees and knocked out power.

Crews used a chainsaw to untangle a toppled tree from a downed power line in Lycoming County on Saturday.

It's just one of the challenges for people in the area after a second storm blew through the area in less than a week.

Near Picture Rocks, the Whitmoyer family had their hands full dealing with some very tall timbers that fell on a home belonging to relatives currently in Florida.

Next door, Dominic Burns gathered dozens of pine branches from his back yard

"As I am standing here, I am hearing more trees falling. I don't know if it is the weight of the water or what," Burns said.

In Hughesville, the wind sent a trampoline tumbling, and knocked down a sign for the Lycoming County Fair.

And right in the middle of Muncy, near the post office, two thick stumps and a busted brick sidewalk were all that was left after a pair of big trees came down. People nearby were relieved no one was hurt.

"They could have fallen on anyone at any time with the weather we have been having."