Body Found in Susquehanna River

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POINT TOWNSHIP -- A man's body was spotted floating in the Susquehanna River in Northumberland County.

Firefighters say someone along the shore called 911 and said they saw a body in the river around 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

First responders launched boats from three different locations, including Shikellamy State Park, to reach that body in the river.

"We had three boats dispatched. One went upriver. Then we had another boat come in from the south, that way we were able to recover the body," said Deputy Fire Chief George Geise, Point Township Fire Co.

Even though the man was found in the area of Splash Magic Campground, with boating facilities and a lot of campers, police say there were no reports of anyone falling into the water.

We asked police if there is anyone they have been looking for, and they said there is a man from the northeastern part of the state who is missing, but they would not give any other details about that case.

The Northumberland County coroner says he is not sure how long identification will take. If he needs dental records, it could take until Monday. Otherwise, it might be sooner.


      • bassman

        sorry river scholar but your wrong , if you read the article body was found by splash mountain campground which is on the north branch, i have fished down there many times.

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