Scranton Barber Shop Reopens Less Than a Week After Crash

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SCRANTON -- A barbershop in Scranton is back open a little less than a week after a car smashed through the front window.

Guy's Barber Shop on Spruce Street reopened Friday afternoon, even though more repairs are needed.

The owner tells Newswatch 16 he was able to fix the equipment needed to serve his customers.

"The whole barber shop has to be fixed, we kind of dusted up, cleaned up the glass and the mess and the broken wood, kind of put our chairs back together as best we could, and we're up and running," Damian Biancarelli, the owner of Guy's Barber Shop, said.

No one was inside the store last Saturday when a suspected drunk driver crashed into the shop. So far, no charges have been filed in Scranton.


  • Litter Me Pickum

    They need to hang a picture in the shop of the car sitting there. They will never run out of conversation. It’s great when you see people with the get up and go. Great job.

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