Monroe County Detectives Auction Off Seized Vehicles

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BARRETT TOWNSHIP -- Some high-end cars and other vehicles were on the auction block Friday in the Poconos.

The cars that were up for grabs were all seized from drug crimes in Monroe County and at least one buyer got a big surprise.

More than a dozen vehicles, most of which were seized by the Monroe County Drug Task force, hit the auction block in Cresco.

At this auction, some high-end cars were up for grabs.

A 2001 Mercedes-Benz went for $1,200 and a 2005 BMW went for $4,200.

Collin Waas from Stroudsburg scored a $1,600 deal with a 2005 Audi.

"You can't beat the deals. This thing sold for $450, an ambulance for $700, and I think that car is probably worth about $7,000 that I bought for $1,600," said Waas.

More than $14,000 was raised and the money will go right back into fighting drug crimes in Monroe County.

"It's really nice because when we are going through the bidding wars, so to speak, people keep in the back of their mind that this is going back to the community really, this is going to a good cause so people really think of that when they are ramping up the bids and paying more money," said Monroe County Detective Kim Lippincott.

People who come to this auction every year tell us the reason is simple -- they get a good deal and sometimes some surprises.

Ralph Mele from Hamlin found a surprise when he popped the trunk of this 2005 Chevy Malibu. he paid $200 for the car but found a stereo system worth around $1,500 in the trunk

Mele says this isn't his first find.

"Money from other countries," Mele said.  "And I still have it."

Francis Sorrentino from Cresco is a first-timer at this auction. He says he gets plenty of use out of cars like these.

"Some of them I flip and some I keep. It really depends on what they need. Sometimes you get burned and have to scrap them," Sorrentino said.

Another fleet of seized vehicles is expected to be auctioned off in the fall.

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