Kmart, Gander Mountain in Lackawanna County to Close

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DICKSON CITY -- Kmart was one of the first big box stores in Dickson City but it's expected to close this summer.

The Kmart location has been a mainstay in Dickson City for decades. Its owner, Sears, says this store will close in July because of declining sales.

This comes with news that another store nearby may be closing, too.

Employees at Kmart off Business Route 6 in Dickson City say it was the busiest it's been in months after news broke that the store is set to close in July.

Some shoppers were being opportunistic. Regular customers weren't surprised by the news.

"Not at all, no," said John Russin of Olyphant. "It's been like that for years. The Sears just went out. It's just the way things are going, you know, new things are coming in."

"We knew it was coming because not too many people have showed up here, and it's slow, it's real slow. I just feel bad for the people," said Joan Farina of Archbald.

Some employees we talked to told us they came to Kmart after losing jobs at Sears which closed its Lackawanna County location last year.

Sears owns Kmart and officials there say declining profits led them to close the Dickson City Kmart. Its liquidation sale will start May 11.

Another sale not far from Kmart has already started.

Bill Ritter saw the "going out of business" sign at Gander Mountain in Scranton and decided to stop in. Officials with Gander Mountain did not call us back to tell us when the sporting goods store may be closing.

Shoppers wondered if the closure is because there's another sporting store set to open nearby later this year.

"A little bit, but again, waiting for Dick's and the other one to open up there, so we'll see," said Ritter.

Shoppers at both stores thought online retailers have cut into the business of big-box stores.

"It does affect you because there's not too many stores up here now. Everything's closing, Steamtown, there's nothing, nothing at the mall, you know? It's pretty slow around here," said Farina.

There are several other Kmart locations in our area including one in Moosic. Those stores will remain open.


  • joemama1980

    Gander mountain sale sucked. Theier employees said they’re not going out of business. We overheard some of them talking about it. Just trying to get people in the store

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Gander mountains are ridiculous anywhere. $250 for a windbreaker? No thanks.

    There are still K marts??

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