Talkback Feedback: Uniting Talkbackers

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Talkback callers rarely agree on anything, but there is one topic that brings together all the various Talkback factions. Can you guess what it is? It's the focus of this week's Talkback Feedback.


  • Gerald Banghart

    Hi I have watch Newswatch 16 a long time and I am mad that you people would lie to all the people who watch the news and tell the people that Weis was giving free ice cream out on May 6 because I went to Weis and there was NO FREE ICE CREAM and a lot of other people where there for the FREE ICE CREAM and was turned away you have made me mad so i don’t know why you would lie like that I don’t like when people lie it is not nice thank you P. S. i don’t know if i will ever trust in what you are saying anymore.

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