Security at Knoebels

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RALPHO TOWNSHIP -- Security is a big concern when we go to public places, and when folks went to Dorney Park near Allentown for opening weekend they found something new -- metal detectors.

But what about Knoebels Amusement Resort? Since the park near Elysburg does not charge admission, metal detectors would most likely be out of the question.

Employees at Knoebels spent the day getting the park ready for this weekend.

People tell Newswatch 16 they're ready for some fun summer days here. Karen Nye has been coming to Knoebels for a long time.

"My whole life, yeah," Nye said.

But as many other amusement parks, like Dorney Park near Allentown, opened for the season, there were some new additions that did not come in the form of rides: metal detectors. That got us thinking, since there are many entrances at Knoebels, how does security work here?

"We are a unique amusement park environment, but we still have a robust security program here at Knoebels," said Stacy Ososkie, spokesperson for Knoebels Amusement Resort.

"While I can't divulge the specifics because we don't want to compromise that program, what I can tell you is that there are a number of procedures in place," Ososkie said.

There are security cameras throughout the park, as well as uniformed and plain-clothes security officers. There are also security precautions that take place when the park is closed.

"Emergency preparedness drills with law enforcement agencies and EMS agencies," Ososkie said.

The people we spoke with tell Newswatch 16 they feel very safe coming to Knoebels and they appreciate all of the security measures.

"Oh, gosh, yeah. They've got good security and good police protection around," Don Dyer said.

"It's Knoebels. Yeah, definitely," Karen Nye said.

Ososkie says that if Knoebels wanted to add metal detectors, it would have to build a fence around the park and have just one entrance point. Right now that's not something they plan to do.


  • Justin

    The park should be fenced in with access allowed only at the campground and parking lot. Using metal detectors doesn’t mean a park admission. Admission would still be free and people could leave the park and re-enter at will with the understanding their bags will be checked again and they will have to go through the metal detectors again. I’m sorry that’s the world we live in. If you’re not hiding anything you don’t anything to worry about.

    • Lets Be Honest...

      Issue is because they don’t charge admission, recouping money from a purchase like that would be tougher… and fences take away from the atmosphere of the park.

  • MMMM

    Can’t stand Knoebel’s! They became as big as Hershey with the long lines waiting to get on the rides! They got too big for themselves!

    • Justin

      Long lines are just part of being at a park. Show me one decent park that doesn’t have lines. Long lines are a good sign you’re in a great park.

  • HERP

    Great idea! You just broadcasted to all the crazies ‘while you can’t do much at Dorney because they have a main secured gate. Knoebel’s, on the other hand has plenty of ways in and plenty out with a super secret “program”.’ (Its so secret, park staff don’t even know a thing about it and dont even have park phones to call the super secret security.)
    That will be on your head.

    • ht

      Oh yeah because it’s every terrorists dream to come to Knoebels. And you obviously didn’t read the article. It’s no wonder Americans are so stupid.


    100s of people backed up behind metal detectors is a mass shooters dream. I refuse to attend venues that won’t allow me to protect myself and family via concealed carry. P.S I love Knoebels!

  • Ron fritz

    Growing up in the eighties and continue to visit this park less than 15 miles from my hometown and talk about a fence and metal detectors is at that least very heartbreaking

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