LED Lights Brighten Fire Station in Wayne County

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HAWLEY -- It took a big ladder, some drilling, and a little elbow grease to install LED lights at Hawley Fire Station in Wayne County.

But the work is nothing compared to the savings expected to come with it.

"This place was built in 1998 and the life expectancy of the fluorescent bulbs was just about shot. The balance and everything, so we decided to go with LED because they are more efficient and cost effective," said Bill Delling, Hawley Fire Department.

Bill Delling is a volunteer fireman at the station. He along with the electrician on the job, Joe Hyduchak, installed the panels one by one.

Hyduchak says LED lights are the new future.

"The brightness is like four to five times what a regular fluorescent bulb is, and it's like I said, it's the way to go. It's probably like a 10th of the electricity," Joe Hyduchak, Hyduchak Electrical Services.

The switch to LED should knock a few bucks off the department's monthly electric bill.

Delling says the savings will go a long way.

"Any fire department will try to save anywhere they can because like everything else, the costs of things go up year after year. Insurance, liability, maintenance on the trucks, equipment, clothing so every penny counts," said Delling.

Part of the LED transition is getting rid of the fluorescent bulbs. The company sent an environmentally friendly box for the bulbs to be packaged in. That way they don't end up in the trash.

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  • TrumpTrainOne

    I am going to install LED lights in my home and when I do WNEP is going to be there to make a headline out of it. Really WNEP is this news? Really is this all you got? Really?

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