At Brand New Farmers Market, Some Concern About Chilly May Weather

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- Thursday was opening day of the brand new Hillside Park Farmers Market in South Abington Township, Lackawanna County.

But the gloomy, chilly, drizzly weather wasn’t what everyone was hoping for.

"I think the nicer weather would definitely have brought more people. I think a lot of people are thinking, 'Oh, who wants to be at a farmers market when it's cold and windy?" said Kristina Hess of Forks Farm in Orangeville, Columbia County.

Vendors and shoppers alike were bundled up wearing sweaters, coats, and hats.

The May weather and the threat of more cold in the coming week has some farmers concerned.

"Crops are in the ground, but they're definitely behind this year. We do things like cover them up so it helps to speed up the growth when we don't have ideal temperatures, but it does slow things down a bit,” said Liz Krug of Overlook Farms in Waverly.

"We're a grass farm. We raise meat, so it's 100 percent grass-fed meat. We really need our grass to be very nutritious and full of the nutrients of the soil. When you get a lot of rain and not a lot of sun, you get a really wet, washy grass that doesn't have that nutrient base. You're also much more susceptible to parasites when the grass is this wet,” said Todd Hopkins of Forks Farm.

Even those with plants in greenhouses say this cold hurts their bottom line.

"We'd like to have our heat off this time of year, but it's still running so next week you know, we'll be cranking it a little bit more,” said Amanda Banta of Rowlands Farm in Falls.

Still, Newswatch16 did find some folks who say the sunshine and hot weather are coming and this doesn't bother them in the least.

"I think it's kind of nice. I like when it's overcast a little bit, you know, you don't have to worry about wearing sunglasses, you know? It's cold, not too hot,” said Erica Bailey of Newton Township.

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