Tractor Trailer Ban Signs Installed on Route 93

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NESQUEHONING -- New signs on Route 93 in one part of Carbon County are a warning that tractor trailer drivers shouldn't be driving on the road. PennDOT installed signs letting drivers know about the tractor trailer ban and detour off Route 93 south last month.

This comes after three tractor trailer crashes in three days on Broad Mountain in Nesquehoning last spring.

"It was just within a matter of a week that all that happened, so they definitely needed to do something," said Chris Santore, Nesquehoning.

"It's a dangerous spot for big rigs to be coming down and they shouldn't take that route. It's too steep for them," said Gene Stankiewicz, Nesquehoning.

Trucks beyond the 28' limit now have to take a detour.

PennDOT officials say southbound, the route goes off Route 93 onto Route 424 in Hazle Township.  Onto Route 309 into McAdoo and onto Route 54 in Hometown.

Map of the detour

Drivers have already seen improvements, some have even watched police officers pull over those trucks that shouldn't be on Route 93. The hope is to see that enforcement continue so that crashes don't happen in this area.

"I noticed a lot of them, I come up to work every day and the cops from Nesquehoning do have them pulled over. So they are working on it," said Peggy O'Donnell, Jim Thorpe.

But even though these signs are meant to help, some fear it might mean trouble for smaller areas throughout the detour.

"If they do ban them then it impacts another area that they are going to be traveling through so it's always a trade-off," said Stankiewicz.

PennDOT officials say the ban doesn't impact tractor trailers traveling north on Route 93 or going up Broad Mountain.

Dump trucks and smaller trailers are exempt from the ban.