UPDATE: Body Found in Field in Lackawanna County, No Foul Play

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MOOSIC -- Foul play has been ruled out in the death of a man found early Wednesday morning in an empty lot in Lackawanna County.

The victim found in a field in Moosic died from some sort of explosion, according to the coroner, and it's believed fireworks were involved.

Officials say there is no foul play suspected after a body was found in an empty lot along Davis Street in Moosic.

Investigators say the victim is Ronney Rutkosky, 32, of Scranton.

For much of the day, investigators feared there may have been foul play in Rutkosky's death because the man was injured by an explosive of some kind.

State police crime scene investigators, the Lackawanna County district attorney's office, and the coroner swarmed the field along a busy street in Moosic after a body was found in the morning.

Investigators say cloudy weather kept them from seeing all the evidence when the sun came out in the afternoon, what happened became more clear.

The coroner says Rutkosky suffered injuries after lighting a firework or explosive. Investigators say the man often made his own explosives and that fireworks were a hobby of his.

We spoke to a man who says he found the body, a close friend of the victim. He told us the victim was supposed to pick him up last evening but never showed. so, friends and family went looking eventually finding first his car parked on the lot, then his body about 100 yards from the road.

The Lackawanna county district attorney says their investigation is closed.


  • can't have fun anymore

    It’s a good thing he died, if he survived the Feds would have thrown all kinds of terroristic charges on him such as weapons of mass destruction, bomb making, risking a catastrophe, etc. etc. It wouldn’t have been right for the Feds to do that, but they would have.

  • mcwhat

    Normally, id agree, but since he made fireworks as a hobby, we all know that means gun powder and pvc. Probably a little obsessed and got off lighting them off or testing them. If your into something that much you will do it alone. i.e. drinking

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Shooting off fireworks by himself? Seems a little strange. Sure it wasn’t a portable meth lab?

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