Storm Damages Homes in Jersey Shore Area

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ANTES FORTE -- Families near Jersey Shore are cleaning up and repairing their homes after the storms Monday night.

"It happened so fast there was nothing you can do,” said Michael Green.

Michael Green of Antes Fort considers himself fortunate. A couple of days after a storm pulled down trees inside Shady Acres Mobile Home Park near Jersey Shore, his home is still standing.

"The one with the big tarp over it to keep the water out," said Green.

Green was home with his wife on Monday night when high winds blew down trees.

"This one here ended up on the house. This is the one that hit the cars," said Green as he showed Newswatch 16 the damage near his home.

Neighboring homes are also damaged and some still don't have power.

Six children were in their family’s home when a tree fell on the roof. The kids who are between 7 and 16 were able to escape. They ran to a relative's home for safety.

"Oh, yeah, every one of those kids is fine. They are great kids," said Green.

For those with a lot of damage part of the cleanup might include making a phone call to your insurance agent.

Amanda Metzger from Nationwide says she was busy the day after the storm.

"The phone rang off the hook. It was quite busy. I think we probably called in 25 to 30 claims," said Metzger. "The quicker you start the claim, the better. That way, you can start get an adjuster out there to assess the damage," Metzger continued.

"Everybody always says I'm insurance poor but I'm covered if something happens,” said Green.

As for Green, he hopes some of big the trees around his home can be cut down soon, or at least before the next storm.