Rep. Marino Turning Down Drug Czar Position

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WASHINGTON — A U.S. congressman from our area is turning down an offer to become President Trump’s drug czar.

Congressman Tom Marino issuing the following statement Wednesday evening:

“Due to a critical illness in my family, I have, with regret and the utmost respect, informed the White House that I must withdraw my name from consideration for Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. I thank the President for the enormous honor of considering me for this lead role in the effort to address one of the most pressing issues facing our nation and my state today: the opioid epidemic. I will remain in Congress and continue to support President Trump in whatever way I can.”

Marino represents Pennsylvania’s 10th District, spanning part of central Pennsylvania, the northern tier, part of Lackawanna County, and part of the Poconos.


  • troutlover

    Is this any surprise? Why would this moron take a job that requires work when he already has a job where he NEVER works? Have you ever heard of him conducting a Town Hall meeting with the people he supposedly represents? This is a travesty and the voters he represents get NOTHING but excuses from his cretin!

  • crooks

    He wouldve made coffee consumption behind the wheel a DUI. Gotta keep feeding off the people. Half the swine already trying to foot the idea

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