Inside Look at New State-of-the-Art Equipment in Brewery

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WILKES-BARRE--- Millions of dollars were spent on upgrades to a brewery in Wilkes-Barre, ensuring job security for its 176 employees.

Bottles clinking at Lion Brewery isn't exactly new, but the machines manufacturing them are. Even for long-time employees like Rich Storm, each day brings a brand new beginning.

"For an old school guy, it's a lot of learning but it's good. It's good for the newer guys," Storm said.

In the past two weeks, the brewery spent $7 million on upgrades to its bottle making process and officials said that guarantees these jobs are here to stay.

"The assets we're putting in and the investments we're putting in are going to last for years, and years, and years. It's a great opportunity here and this level of investment with this quality of investment we'll be here for a long, long, time," President of Lion Brewery Michael Clarke said.

The brewery fills about 288 million bottles and cans each year for its own brews and some big name energy and soda drink companies.

Its new bottle making equipment is all state-of-the art.

Now, Lion Brewery has one of the biggest split deck pasteurizers in the country. It's the only one of its kind in North America.

"We can pasteurize two different products that require two different pasteurizing temperatures, so we have tons of manufacturing flexibility," Clarke said.

More jobs could be added as the brewery expands and enhances its business.

"It's going to open up capacity, we actually have to go out and look for new customers. We've always been sold out and now we're actually out looking for customers which will then increase positions," Director of Plant Operations Jeff Meoni said.

"It's opportunity, you know. Our beer business should be much better because we have more equipment to make it, more beer, and more product," Storm said.


  • Tell the Truth Lion Brewery

    The Lion invested in this equipment tom eliminate jobs not keep them. That was the basis of the project. Check back in on the place by June. Jobs will be cut by 15-20. This doesn’t include the 10 salaried employees whom already were cut

  • OTTO

    Yeah, you Americans, why don’t you go back to strip malls und drink your Zimas and Smirnoff Ices!

  • Roy

    I wonder how many of these bottles will be consumed by a drunk driver and cause the loss of life? I wonder how many of these bottles will cause a person to lose his temper and cause harm to a family member? Alcohol kills. Alcohol destroys families.

    • mr. do-gooder

      It’s guys like you Roy that complain about alcohol then turn around and complain about weed when guys like myself want to see it legalized. Weed is much better for society that alcohol but because of do-gooders like you the government is prohibiting any kind of recreational enjoyment.

    • David Savage

      Believe it or not 93% of everything lion makes is a type of soda , believe this in the future the beer will be long gone if/when lion brewery picks up more soda bottling accounts!

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