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State Police Remember Fallen Officers in Luzerne County

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WYOMING--- Pennsylvania State Troopers had a different duty on Tuesday. Retired and active state police officers at the Wyoming Barracks honored those who gave the ultimate sacrifice at a special ceremony.

"Once a trooper, always a trooper. That is so true. Although you may leave the job, the job never leaves you," Chester Zaremba, a retired sergeant for the State Police Wyoming Barracks, said.

Tuesday marked 112 years that state troopers have been serving and protecting their communities.

It's a brotherhood and sisterhood that connects all troopers throughout the commonwealth.

"We take this opportunity to honor the 97 members of the Pennsylvania State Police that have laid down their life in service for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania," Capt. Robert Bartal said.

Trooper Kobeski was the most recent officer to have died while serving the Wyoming area. He had a fatal heart attack in 2002.

"Whatever happened to us probably happened because of the fact that we were Pennsylvania State Troopers. The job does wear on you after a while," Zaremba said.

Troopers also read the names of all the ten fallen officers who passed away in the line of duty while serving the Wyoming area.

  • Private Garsia: February 21st, 1909
  • Private Omlor: October 24th, 1923
  • Sergeant Haas: October 17th, 1924
  • Patrolman Hamond: October 14th, 1929
  • Patrolman Koppenhaver: July 13th, 1930
  • First-Sergeant Seerey: September 10th, 1934
  • Private Maderia: December 11th, 1934
  • Private Broski: August 14th, 1937
  • Private Yashur: April 1st, 1940
  • Trooper Kobeski: May 3rd, 2002

Tomorrow, retired and active troopers will carry on for those who went before them.

"Hopefully, it gives them a little bit of closure but also it's just nice to see that they're not forgotten even as time passes," Capt. Bartal said.

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