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High Winds Leave Mess in Williamsport Area

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WILLIAMSPORT -- With downed trees and wires all over Williamsport, it's been a day of cleaning up for many people.

Bethel AME Church was one of the hardest hit places. Winds ripped a portion of the roof off there, much like what happened to a home just outside the city in Eldred Township.

"This is a part of the roof. The end of the house, the other end of this house is laying out there," said Craig Weaver.

Over the past 30 years, Craig Weaver and his wife have weathered many storms while living here but none like the one that happened Monday night.

"It didn't look dangerous but within five minutes, it was real dangerous," he said.

He's OK now but Weaver was home alone when high winds ripped the roof right off his home.

"What really concerned me was when that air coming through hit me in the face, I knew something bad, it was bad," he recalled.

Not too far away in Williamsport, city workers were clearing trees off of roadways to find cars underneath.

"He said to me, 'I was going to move the tree off my car, but then I thought I should tell in case you want to take pictures for your insurance,' and I said, 'what tree on my car?' and I looked out and saw it," said Sharon Slacum.

Downed trees and high winds caused a lot of damage all over Lycoming County. One of the hardest hit places was Bethel AME Church in Williamsport.

"You can see spots. God is in control. He did what he had to do to wake us up," said Cynthia Dallas-Kirk.

A portion of the roof may be damaged but Pastor Cynthia Dallas-Kirk sees the blessing under the debris.

"They didn't ask questions about what happened. They said your roof is gone, what do you need? What can we do for you? That's God, That's God."

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