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Heavy Winds Topple Trees, Damage Homes

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ROARING BROOK TOWNSHIP -- A few dozen homes are still without power in Lackawanna County where storms toppled trees and damaged property.

People along Blue Shutters Road near Moscow spent much of their day picking up from Monday night's storm. Dozens of trees came down in the heavy winds.

Some homeowners were lucky, others were not.

Folks in this neighborhood off of Blue Shutters Road say the storm was hard to miss; the Murphy family especially, since the storm came crashing into their home in Roaring Brook Township just before midnight.

"Went through this floor and into the basement, we had water in the basement also," said Elena Murphy. "Water was pouring right through the ceiling. We had to get a bucket and fill it up so it would fill up so it wouldn't seep through the basement even more because once that rug gets soaked, you're done."

The Murphys suffered the worst in their neighborhood but the tree that went through their ceiling was one of several that came down due to the strong winds.

"I'm just glad it didn't do more damage. Honestly, I think we just got lucky with that, the trees just kind of missed most of it, that branch isn't a big deal. It will get fixed up."

The storm brought down dozens of trees along Blue Shutters Road in Roaring Brook Township. Most of the people we talked to, though, consider themselves very lucky.

"It missed the cars by inches, missed our shed by inches, I just couldn't believe it," said Katie Illge.

She says when the storm came through, it was scary enough that she took her children to the basement

Now, instead of the winds, they're listening to the sound of chainsaws as the cleanup begins.

"His parents have a wood-burning stove, so I think they're going to take some. We'll use some of it for a bonfire, get some good use out of it, right?"

Neighbors we talked to say the cleanup and repairs should take them a few days. Some of the families near Moscow are still waiting for power to be restored.