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Heavy Storm Damage in Wysox

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WYSOX -- The storms Monday night left a path of damage from central Pennsylvania all the way to the northeast corner of the state.

One of the areas hardest hit by the storm is Wysox in Bradford County where strong winds ripped through a mobile home park.

The majority of homes in Isaac Court were either destroyed or heavily damaged by the storm. Officials in Bradford County say there are more than 8,000 people without power, and in some places, they don't expect power back until Thursday.

John Hulsizer of Wysox looks at what's left of his mobile home and two cars. Much of what he owns was destroyed when strong winds knocked down trees in Isaac Court. His father was home at the time and had to be rescued. Hulsizer's father was sitting about 10 feet away from where the first tree came down.

"And then three more trees hit the back, so he was trapped inside and called 911. He only had access to the front window over here and they cut it out because he's handicapped and they had to carry him out," Hulsizer said.

Officials tell Newswatch 16 there are around 8,100 homes and businesses without power in Bradford County. They expect parts of the county to be without power until Thursday.

"The winds brought the trees down which brought the power lines down, which put everybody out of power. That's what we've been confronted with all day," explained Bob Barnes, Bradford County director of public safety.

Officials in Bradford County plan to set up five disaster recovery centers, including one at the Wysox Volunteer Fire Company.

Sally Lane lives in Isaac Court but her home did not get any damage. She spent the day helping neighbors.

"We were all helping everybody this morning because the roads were blocked and it was like live wires," said Lane.

As for Hulsizer, he tells Newswatch 16 even though he lost so much he is grateful.

"It hit the recliner and that's usually where I sit, but last night I was out with my son for his birthday dinner. Thank God it was his birthday and I promised him dinner. Who knows what would have happened on the recliner with him on the couch and me on the recliner?"

The disaster recovery centers open at 6 p.m.

They are located in Wysox, New Albany, Wyalusing, Richfield, and Ulster.

There is an emergency contact number set up by the Red Cross in Bradford County at 570-265-2797.

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