Achoo! A (Longer) Allergy Season Is Here

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LYCOMING COUNTY -- Spring is in the air and so is pollen…a lot of it.

"This allergy season may seem to be worse because we've had warmer weather, and that means the trees are pollinating earlier and for longer,” said Dr. Yoon Mi Kim, a Geisinger allergist.

A longer allergy season means more people can be affected for a longer period of time.

"It just seems like this year is extremely bad. I mean, I know my one daughter, within hours of being outside, her eyes swell up and are watering, and we've really never had a problem,” said Jessica Clark.

"It hurts. I have to rub it all the time when I'm playing outside and stuff, like dandelions and stuff start hurting it,” said 9-year-old Lynna Clark.

There are websites and apps you can use to check pollen counts and other allergen levels where you live. Those sites show high pollen levels throughout northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

“My granddaughter and my husband suffer from sinus problems, and it's really extreme in the spring with the allergy season,” said Denise Quinn of Centre County.

Other than medications like eye drops, nose drops, and those kinds of things, experts say there are some things you can do to limit your reaction to these allergens. Use a mask or glasses if you're mowing the lawn or have to be outside, keep the windows closed in your car if you're driving, and just try to stay inside.

"When she gets really bad, I have her hop in the shower and it seems like a quick, cold shower helps really revive her and wash away the pollen,” said Jessica Clark.

Allergists say anyone can develop allergies at any time.