Strong Storm Slams Clinton County

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CLINTON COUNTY -- People are dealing with storm damage and power outages in Clinton County after a storm hit hard and hit fast

Part of a tree came down on a property in the village of Mackeyville. Flares warned drivers of the hazard.

"Came very quick and very strong, a lot of strong winds with it, lot of rain, couldn't see maybe 20 feet in front of you," said George Toner of Lamar Township.

"Scary and like he said, it came through very fast and I kept watching out the window because of the tornado warning to see if we could see anything," said Toner.

Storm debris littered roadways, in some cases blocking things completely.

Parts of buildings were torn off. Signs were damaged, too.

In Porter Township, workers swept up debris at a dark service station. The gas pumps were taped off. Power was out for miles.

Even in the dark, some people were checking on their properties and their neighbors. They said the most important thing is that people are safe through this storm.

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