Mother Accused of Child Abuse

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EAST STROUDSBURG — Police are investigating a case of suspected child abuse in the Poconos.

Investigators believe Angelica Colon, 29, of East Stroudsburg beat her 6-week-old baby so badly last month, the boy will suffer from lasting disabilities.

Troopers said the child had multiple skull fractures and bleeding in the brain and had to be flown to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest for treatment.

According to police, Colon told them she believed her 6-year-old son took the baby out of his crib and dropped him.

A doctor told police the child suffered at least two blows to the head, had new and healed injuries, and does not believe the injuries could have been caused by the brother dropping him.

The infant is still being treated in the hospital and has breathing problems and suffers seizures, police said.

Colon faces attempted homicide, aggravated assault, child endangerment, and other charges. She is locked up in the Monroe County jail on $250,000 bail.


  • Saiyaman

    As a father myself, I say fix this problem by burning her alive as a message. That should get the rest of the scums attention.

  • JustG

    I still suffer from the abuse of a so-called mother. I thank GOD that the laws have changed since decades ago. May GOD bless this child and any siblings. I will keep them in my prayers

  • Darlene Rand

    I have a child who suffered life long injuries due to shaken baby with TBI. What he has to endure would break your heart. With God by his side he has overcome some of his issues. He will never be 100% .His abusers were never prosecuted. Walked away . Yes , now they moved to another state and have two more children. Prosecute , Prosecute, Prosecute. This must stop Everymonth should be child abuse awareness month. God Bless our prosecutors.Please protect our victims young and elderly.

  • Darlene Rand

    Hopefully this abuser will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.Never ever be allowed to be in the company of children . Prayers and healing to these children.

  • think positive

    That poor baby. He will have lasting physical, and likely mental, problems because of being born to a miserable bully with neck tattoos. Very sad. I hope they lock her away until she’s way too old to have more kids.

    • Unbelievable

      Really? You’re gonna look at that face and neck tattoo and think “maybe she’s Mary Poppins in disguise” ?? She is scum with an innocent helpless baby to take her problems out on

    • I pay taxes too

      Hey side of the story is she got a sugar high from eating all the junk food she bought with her Access card. Then her eyes glazed over waiting for her SSI disability check. She finally got pissed off by a collect call from the kid’s father in prison and that set her off to abuse the child.

      THAT’S what happened!

  • Writer Girl

    Disgusting Scum! Why have children if you can’t love them? Now taxpayers will pay for her disabled child for the rest of his poor life. This has to stop. Make her pay. Put her in jail for a long time and contribute what she makes there and afterward if she gets out, and make her help pay, but I hope she stays in jail for decades.

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