Cannabis Festival Can’t ‘Adopt A Highway’

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LENOX TOWNSHIP -- A festival focused on marijuana has been told it can't adopt a highway like other organizations in Susquehanna County.

PennDOT told the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival that because marijuana is illegal for recreational use, the group can't adopt a highway just off Interstate 81 in Susquehanna County, even after those volunteers picked up trash and want to keep doing it.

The stretch of Route 106 near Lenox in Susquehanna County is looking pristine thanks to the efforts of a few volunteers who pitched in to clean up litter a couple weeks ago.

Jeff Zick helped organize the event. He even went to PennDOT and applied to adopt the highway.

"They gave us all our supplies, gave us a stretch of highway. We didn't find out we were denied until we did our cleanup," said Zick, an organizer of the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival.

Even though the Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival was allowed to hold an event in Scranton's Nay Aug Park last month, PennDOT told Zick no to the request to adopt the highway.

"They got back to us and said we're non-medical cannabis, so we're not allowed because we're non-medical cannabis," Zick said.

Zick and his wife Amanda are trying to find a way to still do their part to keep this stretch of road clean of all sorts of garbage and feel PennDOT is being unfair when it allows bars, wineries, and other groups to adopt a highway.

"We're not saying, 'Come out here and smoke. We'll smoke while we clean up.' No, we're picking up garbage," said Amanda Zick.

Even members of the Elk Mountain VFW Post, which has adopted six miles of nearby highway support the festival's efforts to keep Pennsylvania beautiful.

"The amount of trash that's being tossed out here is phenomenal. Anyone who can come out and clean it up is a plus to this community," said Will Zerfoss, Elk Mountain VFW Post 8488.

PennDOT's decision to deny the cannabis festival was made because a spokesperson says the group supports an illegal activity.

Jeff Zick doesn't see it that way.

"I'm trying to pick up the road, pick up trash. I'm not trying to make a statement or a scene, not asking for signage, want my stretch of road."

While cannabis is legal in Pennsylvania for medicinal purposes, it is still illegal to use it for recreation like several other states allow.

The cannabis festival plans to take its fight to adopt that stretch of highway to Harrisburg and the governor's office.


  • Lance

    Who cares what group pays for pickup. I wouldn’t care if a satanic cult paid for it. It is being done and should be accepted no matter what!!!!

  • Litter Me Pickum

    In response to the questions of REALLY, yes,yes,no. Your guess is answered in my original comment, I pick up litter. On the news you see weather events, houses and cars floating downstream, bridges swaying then falling, trees ripped out of the ground, a motor cycle that was in Japan is now on the west coast to the U.S.A. or the occasional message in a bottle found. Snow plows move more than snow, and when I go fishing on the lake I always come back with more tackle then I left with.

  • Really

    So let me guess this Straight..The Group wants to pay and adopt a highway, keep it clean and “beautiful” as PA puts their logo and PennDot wont let them?? So, instead of having a nice clean highway that is paid for by this group, they would rather lose out on the money and have a disgusting scene like everywhere else. Now does that make much sense. WHO CARES who wants to clean up the highway (which the trash did not get their via weather)..
    Id rather this group clean up than some Christian Group that puts on a front so people will think they are GOOD!!

    • Dr. Noegawd

      Hippy pot smokers shoving their kush agenda down your throat or hypocritical religious groups spouting their insanity… hmmm I’ll take neither… how about people dont liter

  • Dont Mind The Facts

    Marijuana is Federally illegal. Federal law overrides state law unless the state law is stricter. No matter what a state says about weed, recreational or medical, it is illegal. You may not agree with it, but that’s the law.

  • 4:20

    Way out of line Hal. I see the old government propaganda film “reefer madness” has definetly impacted your way of thinking. This is 2017 now, not the 1930’s. Loosen up, your probably one of those drunks who despise a little weed. I have a Father like you. And he too is a hippocratic piece of garbage.

  • Litter Me Pickum

    Most of what we call litter got there from the weather. It’s a big treasure hunt, when you pick up what you don’t want you get closer and find the treasure you do collect..

    • Really

      Are you for real?? The Weather?? Do you live in a Bubble?? Let me guess, you are one of those folks that never take fault for anything and always point the finger. The Weather, LOL!!

  • swansong

    you gotta be high to live in PA
    what an over taxed dump
    I’m leaving when my son is done school

  • buzzed driver

    IF your ” not trying to make a statement ” Then why not do it in your name and not promote your agenda (which is illegal ) should the KKK or Aryan brotherhood ( as organizations ) be allowed as their Hate is legal? I want to see BLM clean a highway ! Cool to clean up after these pigs ( litterers ) but why not just post your name and friends and drop the dope bit.

  • Clint Wirth

    this so-called “adopt a highway” program for the purpose of keeping it clean. I say this group by-passes PennDot and does it any way. This program sounds like just a formality.

    • ...

      I think people adopt just to see their names on a sign. Do you even read those signs?? Sometimes I do and I always feel like calling who has adopted that section of Highway to tell them get their butts out and clean up, there is trash out there that needs to be picked up. Honestly, if you adopt a highway and DONT keep it clean, I think your group should be fined.

  • Akbar Willits

    I’m a functional productive human, and I’ve picked up plenty of trash myself, I do all the time, even if it’s not through a highway adoption. It seems as though you may be correlating Cannabis use with losers who litter. Well I just want to let you know there are littering losers who do and who don’t partake in Cannabis consumption. It’s all about the type of person, just because a person consumes Cannabis does not mean they are a loser, and it does not mean they litter. Assuming makes an ASS out of U and ME!

    • PA Resident

      I’m not linking cannabis use to littering. I do partake in it. I can make a strong case linking alcohol to people who litter. I can’t tell you how many beer bottles and cans I find roadside when I volunteer my time for litter cleanups.

  • Mo

    War is war. People killing people . We are talking trash here.
    Lets keep it apples to apples.
    The world is dysfunctional enough without promoting another mind numbing drug.
    Maybe Budweiser will sponsor a road to pick up litter on. I am sure plenty of their product wrappers are laying on the side of the road out there

    • Akbar Willits

      Exactly, “we are talking trash here”! Nothing is being promoted, it’s not a billboard saying “smoke some Cannabis” It’s simply a credit to the group of volunteers who dedicated their time and effort into helping clean up the community, if that group just so happens to be Cannabis Law Reformists then so be it. They are doing positive things, why bash them? They should be thanked for their service to the community.

    • Akbar Willits

      Wrong about what? Unless you consider yourself a majority and have helped pick litter I’m not sure what I would be wrong about.

  • Pete Butler

    Glad to hear that PennDOT will not be placing a “cleanup crew sign” promoting pot or the organization that runs a “pot festival”. We have many important opportunities to address in America, promoting the use of illegal pot is not one of them!

    • Akbar Willits

      I don’t understand how a sign stating what group adopted a highway is promoting marijuana use. Realistically it is just giving credit to the group of people who did the work of cleaning it up. If they happen to be a Pro Cannabis group, then so be it, maybe we should be thankful someone is willing to do it. I’m sure most of the negative posts are from people who have never actually picked up litter/adopted a highway themselves.

      • Wow

        Maybe if they didn’t request “cannabis festival ” as the name they wanted on the sign it would’ve passed but then again it’s what you’d expect from two people using ssi and smoking pot

  • Special Ed

    The only way the will be allowed to pick up trash for the community is when it’s part of there court ordered sentence. Thanks backwards system

  • Mo

    What a bunch of Morons. “We arent going to be smoking up while were are picking up trash” …..

    REALLY? Gimmeee a break.
    We dont need to condone or promote the use of pot for anybody or any reason.Lets not glamorize it either.
    It gets enough attention and promotion on its own.

    • Akbar Willits

      Seriously, this is ridiculous! I’m sure there aren’t many people rushing to apply to help do this. People should be grateful that there are kind people like this that want to volunteer and lend a helping hand to make a difference in our communities. The Cannabis Community IS part of the community whether people like it or not. There is no reason they should not be able to volunteer.

  • Allie Oop

    I think we all need to work together to protect the planet. I see no reason not to welcome this group and thank them.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Protect the planet from what? A Dunkin’ Donuts cup and Big Mac wrapper?? HAHAHAHA the arrogance.

      Sure, I don’t like seeing trash anymore than the next guy, but let’s not get carried away.

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