SUV Plows into Barber Shop in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Police in Scranton say a driver lost control of her vehicle late Saturday night and smashed into a downtown barber shop.

Detectives say the driver admitted she had been drinking wine when she cut across a busy avenue, through a parking lot, and right into the middle of Guy's Barber Shop on Spruce Street.

The owner of Guy's, Damien Biancarelli, couldn't believe his eyes.

"I saw a silver SUV in the middle of my shop as if I built it piece by piece in the shop. That is how perfectly it fit in here. It was amazing," Biancarelli said.

Police say Gail Kinder of Shavertown admitted she was drinking Chardonnay on her way back from Massachusetts. She ended up in downtown Scranton, swerved into the parking lot of a jewelry store, hit a steel gate, crossed Spruce Street, hit a parked car, and smashed right into the barber shop.

Even inside, the driver allegedly continued to rev her engine and drive back and forth.

In the end, Kinder was taken to the hospital where blood was taken for the investigation.

"It was after hours, so nobody was hurt here and really that is all that matters," said Biancarelli.

A day later, friends arrived to help pitch in with the cleanup.

While the force of the collision crushed a barber's chair, inches away, rows of fragile antiques remained unbroken at D&D's Collectibles.

"It's like being struck by lightning, but nothing's damaged. Nothing's moved," Jackie Kozloski, D&D's Collectibles.

No charges have been filed yet as police are waiting for the results of that blood test.

As for the barber shop, the owner wants to reopen as soon as possible, but he is still figuring out when that can happen.


  • Mark

    This is not a new thing, my mothers sister was run over and killed by a horse and buggy. When I worked in a barber shop, two or three times the store next to us was run into. I was hit by a car while standing on the sidewalk. I have a cousin who was hit by a car while she was sleeping in bed. The best one was when a woman drove into the front of a supermarket and knocked over soda and candy machines that fell on her own kid who was pushing the cart to meet her outside.

  • nasca7

    Nine times out of ten it’s caused by using a cell phone. Prior to cell phone use in cars you rarely ever heard of a car striking a building.

    • jimbrony

      Nine times out of ten statistics are just made up with no scientific or empirical backing. Prior to cell phones you didn’t have access to the internet either so you had no way of knowing if cars struck buildings. Stop with the fake statements already.

      • tomtom

        Jim my friend, you are way out of line. Before we had the internet we had tv. news which would show us that cars hit buildings. Before that, we had drivers that would tell us personally when and if they indeed hit a building. Please try again.

      • JIMBRONY

        Oh look, the driver was drinking. Imagine that. This must have been the tenth time out of ten. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, and TOMTOM, I’m not your friend. Nine other times earlier though it would have been cell phone usage. Right…

      • TOMTOM

        I secretly have a crush on jimborny. I like to think that this is our first lovers’ spat. Will you still respect me in the morning Jim?

  • Galen Gibbons

    A local hard-working business having such a miss-hap, what a shame! I hope the driver has plenty of insurance to pay for the damage and loss of business; too many drivers on the road with insufficient insurance or no insurance at all.

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