Rallies in Scranton Demand President Trump Fulfill Campaign Promises

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SCRANTON -- Holding signs reading “Drain the swamp,” about a dozen people were on Courthouse Square in Scranton to protest corruption in government.

People who already thought President Donald Trump had not done enough in his first 100 days in office are now worried about what the rest of his first term could bring.

“Watching what I am seeing taking place and the sort of things that are being paraded and celebrated by the people that voted for him as successes, and quite frankly, I am concerned about my country,” said Michael Hodgson of Lancaster.

Represent NEPA is a local chapter of a national campaign called Represent Us that focuses on corruption in state government but also is concerned about problems in the federal government, including the executive branch.

“We had a promise to drain the swamp, and it's something that this group has been working on for years, and it really hasn't been an effective draining of the swamp yet,” said Peter Ouellette of Pittston.

A few hours later, even more protesters on Adams Avenue voiced their concerns about possible military action against North Korea, repeal of Obamacare, and other parts of the Trump agenda.

“It's funny people still fall for this kind of stuff because this is the biggest and deepest and dirtiest swamp that we have ever had. There are more billionaires in this cabinet than ever in history,” said Joe Biscotto of Pittston.

The rallies were held on two different spots on Courthouse Square, both organizations believe Donald Trump's promise to drain the swamp hasn't been fulfilled yet.

“Well I think at least everybody wants a government both at the state level that represents them and that pays attention to their needs and concerns,” said Hodgson.

Organizers with Represent Us plan to have more rallies in our area. They are pushing for President Trump to reform Washington politics, something they don't believe he's even started to achieve in his first 100 days.


  • GTX

    As soon as President Trump pushes the left out of his way then things will get done. He has hit more brick walls in the last 100 days than anyone in office. I don’t know how he can think straight when he is constantly badgered by Schumer Warren, Pelosi and who ever the rest are. And how does a little town judge get the power to block an executive order. Lot of funny business going on in DC.

  • jimbrony

    Want a good laugh, go to their web site. They’re claiming a victory in Luzerne County by helping pass a law making corruption illegal. Well, there you go – no more corruption for you! That will fix all those naughty people!

  • LLoyd Schmucatelli

    Idiots on both sides of the isle expect their candidates to be messiahs.

    No wonder so many are often disappointed.

    I voted for Trump, not because of what he promised, but because of what he WASN’T!

    Therefore, I can be happy with the outcome either way!

    It’s no wonder most politicians get away with the slime that they do, most of you people are retarded.

  • Thomas

    The news is still allowing Joe Biscotto to give his biased assessment of a president he opposes??? Journalism is dead

  • seen it all

    corruption is rooted in PA “law” when crime families control law all the way to the Atty generals office it takes time to neuter all the corrupt politics , like Obama care (money to health ins companies)things so reeking of corruption take time to disassemble .

  • gryndwr

    Really, are you whining because he could not repair eight years of damage and still build the wall in 100 days?. The next 2,900 + days will see it all completed.

  • Writer Girl

    I was at the Trump/Pence rally and I’m glad I went. It made me proud to be an American and more importantly, feel that America will get back to being just that, instead of the flophouse it became under Obama and others. One hundred days is one hundred days and not long enough to get everything accomplished. Lets see what the end of four years brings.

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