Motorcyclist Killed in Crash with Tractor Trailer

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GREENE TOWNSHIP — A man is dead after a motorcycle and tractor trailer collided in Pike County.

According to state police, Drew Forlini, 46, of Newfoundland, was riding his motorcycle on Route 507 near Greentown around 5 p.m. Friday. A tractor trailer pulled out from the Interstate 84 exit ramp in front of the motorcycle, and the motorcycle hit the truck.

Forlini was pronounced dead at the hospital. Troopers said he was wearing a helmet.

State police are investigating.


  • Woman truck driver

    If it would have been a make driving that tractor wouldn’t have anything to say…who are you to criticize a woman…the company I work for has a lot of women drivers..and they all do very well..ty..sorry for the families loss..

  • Kim

    Ok then But then again, you might be right. A woman does do the hardest job in the world that a man is not qualified to do …having kids and raising them. So she wanted to lower her job to a “man’s” job to take a break. Cqn you blame her? Thanks for the morning laugh! Love it!

    • Not your mamma

      How does one become ‘qualified’ to have ovaries and a womb? I know plenty of females that have had offspring that should have had their reproductive organs removed at birth so they couldn’t procreate, and plenty of men that have far outshined the ‘more qualified’ in the raising department. Nice try though.

    • Me speak Engrish goodly

      Are you a teacher or a student? Please don’t say teacher (although that wouldn’t surprise me). Let me guess, your first language isn’t English?

  • RicU.

    Was this related to police and coroner activity I saw and reported last night at the truck fuel stop at PA Route 739 (exit 34) and I-84 (Lords Valley/Blooming Grove)?

    • Nobody cares

      No. Go stick your nose somewhere else it doesn’t belong. I’m sure that plenty of people on fakebook or glitter are just hanging from their fingernails waiting for your next post.

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