Parent Working to Clear Up False Facebook Rumor

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MIFFLINBURG -- A parent spoke to Newswatch 16 after her child was falsely accused of trying to shoot up a high school in Union County.

Rumors quickly spread through email and social media and now police and school officials are working to teach students the difference between real and fake threats.

April Wagner of Mifflinburg found out about the allegations involving her daughter on Facebook.

There were claims of a hit list and threats to kill students and teachers at the high school.

None of it was true.

"It's beyond surprised. It almost goes to shock. You almost want to take it personal but you know people can't help themselves," said April Wagner.

Wagner's daughter Lily Hook is an 11th grader at Mifflinburg Area High School. Lily was afraid to go on camera after rumors spread that she planned to shoot teachers and her fellow students.

Mifflinburg police investigated and found the rumors to be false.

Wagner says her daughter is a typical teenager but now doesn't want to talk to anybody.

"I would really appreciate if Lily could return to school and not have these situations happen or have a safety plan so that she could take care of these things safely before the rumor mill gets started," Wagner said.

Police say another student misunderstood what Lily Hook said. After that bad information spread, police say they received many phone calls from concerned parents.

"Be aware of who you are getting the information from. If you don't know the information to be true, you really shouldn't be spreading those rumors because what happened here created unnecessary work and stress for the community," said Mifflinburg Police Chief Fred Dyroff.

Wagner kept her daughter home from school for the day and worries what will happen when she goes back.

"Every time we go into the school, we try to take care of this and talk to the principal and the guidance counselor and help with this situation. The school district can only do so much," Wagner added.

Mifflinburg police do not plan to file any charges.

The Mifflinburg Area superintendent would not say if any students have been punished.


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