Iron Horse Movie Bistro Opens in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- Movie lovers got in line Friday morning in downtown Scranton for the grand opening of a new kind of movie theater.

The first movies started at the Iron Horse Movie Bistro around 11 a.m.

A few dozen people came in for the early showings. The owners expect it to be busy Friday night.

Some folks stopped in when the theater opened to reserve seats for upcoming showings or just to get a look at the renovated theater.

This spot is the former home of Marquee Theater. The new owners have been renovating the space for the past year and a half.

The Iron Horse Movie Bistro is owned by a company that specializes in luxury theaters. The Iron Horse is a combination of a bar, restaurant, and movie theater.

The first shows were about to start as staff members got the popcorn ready and cut up garnish for cocktails. It's that combination of bar, restaurant, and movie theater that drew customers to check out Iron Horse Movie Bistro on its opening day.

"Not knocking more traditional theaters, but this is, I think it's a welcome addition," said Michael Matatics.

Matatics put his feet up when the lights went down. Like many of the first customers, he was curious about the movie bistro's electronic reclining chairs.

Others were interested in the restaurant menu and at-your-seat service.

"I was really interested in the menu that they had and just a good location. I kind of want to see a theater like this bring Scranton back up; I think it can do it," said Conon Paccini.

The Paccinis from Mayfield admit they don't visit downtown Scranton too often though that might change.

"I used to work in Boscov's and this is my son, he was little at the time. I used to take him here when it was the other theater and we kind of missed it. So, we're glad to see it come back," said Teresa Paccini.

And if the movie theater can make a comeback, they think the rest of Lackawanna Avenue can, too.

"It was sad to see Boscov's go downhill, I mean the Steamtown Mall go downhill, but we're glad to see this theater come back and maybe the whole downtown will revive again, like Mr. Boscov wanted it to," Teresa said.

The staff at the Iron Horse Movie bistro recommend you go online or stop in to buy your tickets and reserve a seat ahead of time.


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