16th Annual Kent’s Fest at Lock Haven University

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LOCK HAVEN -- It's hard not to dance along with the crowd when the performers are having fun on stage.

"My favorite part is dancing and all that stuff," said Micah Stanzione.

This is Kent’s Fest. A talent show that celebrates the abilities of people with learning disabilities.

Kent's Fest is held at lock Haven University because it's in memory of a lock haven university alumni who passed away back in 2001. Kent Glossner had a passion for music and for helping people with disabilities.

Every year groups from across central Pennsylvania fill the gym. Some come to cheer on their friends, others, to perform.

"Good. I was doing everything for everybody here," said Alisha Harpster.

Alisha Harpster makes performing in front of a crowd look easy, but that's probably because to her it is.

"Not hard at all. 'Were you nervous?' No. I like to sing with Kayla and them," said Harpster.

"Oh my, God it was so great! It was really great I'm really proud of them," said Allie Scott.

At Kent’s fest, Allie Scott gives the cues. Off stage, the college senior helps Alisha and others with mental or physical disabilities live life independently through a program at Clinton County Community Connection.

"They were really really excited it brought everybody together. It's fun during practices to see them oh why don't you stand here why don't you stand there. They are all helping each other out, which is really nice to see,” said Scott.

"It doesn't matter how different you are if you have a disability or not you're not different from any other people," said Kerston Goldsmith.

And that is what organizers say Kent’s Fest is all about.


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