Enjoying the Warm Weather in Towanda

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TOWANDA -- The sun was shining, and the cherry blossom trees were blooming in Bradford County Thursday. Many people spent the day outside in Towanda because it felt like summer.

James Palferman and his fiancee Diane Tomlanson worked on their garden.

"It's nice. I want to go to Lowe's so we got a bunch of mulch and rhododendron bushes," Tomlanson said.

"Just trying to make it prettier. Taking advantage of the nice weather and spice up the front lawn," Palferman said.

The Third Ward Playground on York Avenue was filled with kids having fun and parents keeping a watchful eye.

"It's good weather. They like to come to the park. Hopefully, it's like this this weekend because one of them has got a birthday party," Shanear Chapman said.

Over at the playground's basketball courts, people enjoyed the weather, too.

"We're usually out here every time it's sunny just breaking a sweat, getting our exercise on," Francisco McGowan said.

"It's a small town, so there's not much to do, so we try to occupy ourselves, stay busy and stay out of trouble," Quadir Brice said.

Everyone we spoke with says they're just happy that the cold weather appears to be behind us and winter is over.

"I love it. I just put my shorts on today," Tomlanson said.

"The blizzard, I'm not going to lie, that was pretty cool but it's good to have some sun out here and break some sweat," Brice said.

Even so, some people are still skeptical about the weather, and believe Mother Nature could still throw a few more chilly days our way.

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