Cops: Ex-Soldier Kills Her Service Dog While Her Boyfriend Videotapes

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.C. — A former soldier and her boyfriend are facing felony charges after police say she tied her service dog to a tree and shot it several times in the head while her boyfriend videotaped the act.

Marinna Rollins and Jared Heng were arrested by sheriff’s deputies in Cumberland County, North Carolina. They’re charged with animal cruelty, a felony.

According to a police report obtained by CNN affiliate WTVD, the pair took the gray-and-white male pit bull named Cami to a wooded area earlier this month.

Rollins shot the dog five times, authorities said, and is heard laughing in the video as she does it.

According to a police report, the pair took the gray-and-white male pit bill named Cami to a wooded area earlier this month and shot it several times in the head while her boyfriend videotaped the act.
SOURCE: Cumberland County Animal Control

“It’s been real Cami. I love you. You’re my puppy. You’re my puppy but …,” the woman in the video says.

The dog belonged to Rollins and was her emotional support animal, Sheriff’s Sgt. Sean Swain told CNN.

In the video, the man — who deputies say is Heng — then asks to shoot the animal.

“I want to pop him,” the man says. He too shoots Cami 5 times, deputies said.

The pair is then seen dumping the dog into a shallow grave and draping a sheet over him.

The disturbing footage quickly made its rounds on Facebook.

Rollins ended at Fort Bragg in January of 2017; Heng is still on active duty there, CNN affiliate WNCN said.

Cami was adopted by Rollins back in 2016 from the Cumberland County Animal Shelter. He was known at the time as Huey.

Both suspects are in the Cumberland County jail. Their bond is set at $25,000 each.


  • Al

    Both of these idiots are a disgrace to the military. Both should be stripped of any awards or reconition they received. The girl should have her discharge status changed to dishonerable, and he should be booted with the same so that way they lose all their entitlements of someone who was discharged with an honarable discharge.

  • JJP

    Please let me have these scumbags alone for 10 min I’ll tie them up and beat them to death omg this makes me so angry.

  • jake

    What a piece of garbage. A true indicator of someone is how they treat someone in their care.
    The two of them better never come to this area.

  • ardis1

    Dangerous sociopaths in need of being put down. If these psychos could commit this sick act on a pet companion (filming it) they are capable of perpetrating sadistic acts on anyone. The military is criminally negligent and a disgrace for not discharging the sicko boyfriend. Not suitable to be in uniform–an armed & DANGEROUS representative of America’s U.S. military.

  • Poor Dog

    Its sad that the Military doesn’t do background checks..This woman left in January and this is her behavior..Sorry, but PTSD is no excuse to use for her actions. PTSD is being used as an excuse for too many things. Pysch 101 and you just have a down right nasty person who is not good to their community blaming PTSD to get away with such things. Im happy to say that this is not in PA, and these two can be charged to the extent in which they should.

    • ihateeffingidiots

      Couldn’t agree more! Giving pets and guns to “people” with PTSD..yup great idea! That was the excuse given for Kris Kyle’s shooter too. Sickening. The boyfriend is still active duty. Despicable. I don’t care if someone is joe blow, a cop, a priest, a soldier, a low life is a low life!

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