Airbag Parts Recall: Waiting for Months

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LACKAWANNA COUNTY -- Millions of drivers have been told their cars have faulty parts that could make their airbags dangerous, but they're also learning the replacement parts may not be available for several months. And that has some worried.

It is the largest automotive recall in American history.

The federal government blames 11 deaths and almost 200 injuries on the faulty airbag parts, making what is supposed to be a safety device now labeled so dangerous, the airbag parts have to be replaced on more than 40 million cars.

When Andy Martin of Thornhurst got a recall notice in the mail about a defective airbag inflator in his 2009 Toyota Corolla, he called his dealership to set up an appointment to fix it.

"December, this December," said Martin. "(It) really upset me at that point, that my car has to be dangerous to that point."

Toyota told him it didn't have the part for the passenger side airbag.

The automaker also told him that until the problem is fixed, no one should sit in the passenger seat -- not exactly ideal when he wants to travel with his wife.

"It's very embarrassing. I'm not a chauffeur, and my wife always sits in the front seat of the car with me."

Overall, 19 carmakers are recalling models that use airbags made by Takata.

These airbags have inflators that trigger the bag to fill with air during a crash.

In rare cases, the metal inflators exploded, turning into shrapnel and killing or injuring people in the car.

Michael Egan manages the service department at Kelly Volkswagen in Scranton and says most older-model VWs with Takata airbags have been fixed.

But he adds dozens owning newer models under recall won't be able to get the parts until September.

"It's not something you want to disregard, but it isn't as worrisome as some of the older versions of them. And personally, I have no problem being in one of those cars," said Egan.

Andy Martin wants to sell his Toyota. He fears he won't be able to with a defective air bag part that won't be replaced for eight months.

"I feel cheated. I'm going to lose a lot of money on this car," Martin said.

If you are concerned you own one of the 42 million cars that need a recall, you can get more information here.


  • Carol

    I have 2011 Corolla my recall came in February and will not be replaced till September. Its a shame the auto makers are selling us junk.. Don’t try to sell one of these vehicles. The recall lowers the value.


    Toyota of Scranton is selling Jap garbage I purchased a 2010 sion tc new off these scammers and it was consuming oil from day one they said that was normal all of a sudden they had a recall for this problem they did the test they said that it passed the test but yet they added two quarts of oil after one thousand miles and said they did not. When I got it back it was a quart over filled! I hope they go under LIERS!!!

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