Movie Theater with a Twist Opening in Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A long-awaited movie theater is set to open this week in downtown Scranton.

The Iron Horse Movie Bistro is a blend of both restaurant and theater.

A company from Tennessee bought the old Marquee Cinemas about a year and a half ago. Some construction snags delayed its opening by almost a year.

The place will finally open Friday and offers a different kind of movie-going experience.

The decor inside the Iron Horse Movie Bistro is a nod to Scranton's past but not to the past movie theaters that have been at the corner of Lackawanna and Penn Avenues.

Aspiring chef Nicole Santiago was surprised to learn that she could work as a cook. The place serves a lot more than popcorn. The movie bistro is a combination of a restaurant, bar, and movie theater.

One theater will offer at-your-seat service.

"It's nothing like it was before. I think it's better. I think the community is going to like it a lot," said Santiago.  "I thought it was different but I was like, wait, that's actually kind of cool. You know, a different experience, because you get the concession, and the food, and the movie theater. It all comes together."

Tickets cost $11 for adults and an extra $2 if you're in the theater with servers.

The electric recliners take up more room than the average movie seat, so there are fewer of them. Moviegoers will have to plan ahead.

"It fills up quickly. We'd like to think every weekend show will be at capacity, so go online, buy tickets online, every seat in the building is reserved seating," said Phil Zacheretti.

Zacheretti is the president of Phoenix Theatres, the parent company that owns the Iron Horse. He says the movie theater will play an important role in a part of the city that's changing.

"It's going to lead the revival when you put hundreds of thousands of people down here on a yearly basis who maybe are not used to coming down. We hope they eat and drink here, but if not, there are restaurants coming in. People will be able to walk here, the colleges are saying they are going to be able to walk here to the theater."

The grand opening of the Iron Horse Movie Bistro is Friday. It will open in the morning and have movies all day.


  • Alfredo

    Exton,Pa has a similar theater. Good idea but not easy to eat in the dark and watch a movie at the same time. The service was excellent but when I go to a movie I don’t want to feel pressured to tip. Best wishes on your venture.

  • RicU.

    I wish them all the luck. This innovation should be rewarded. However, does the intended market have the money for $15.00 for a seat at the movie?

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