Folks Raising Money for Memorial After Church Fire

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BEAVERTOWN -- A fire in Snyder County got a lot of attention last year because it destroyed a former church that was supposed to be a museum to Davy Jones.

Before passing away, Jones lived in Beavertown. He owned that church, but that building wasn't the only thing damaged by the fire.

The Beavertown War Memorial Rose Garden is at the corner of Orange and Walnut Streets in Beavertown. There is a monument with the names of area servicemen and women who lost their lives along with rows and rows of flowers.

"This is the place you can come and reflect and think about the soldiers who lost their lives over the years," Tom Rigel said.

Every year, there is a Memorial Day service at the monument. Tom Rigel of Beaver Springs always attends.

"It's a quiet little service. All the hometown people from years ago that had left, they come back for the service and it's a nice little setting," Rigel said.

The war memorial and gardens sit right next to what was supposed to be the Davy Jones Museum. That was destroyed by fire last October and it also damaged the garden.

"It's all fire damage," Russ Kauffman said.

Russ Kauffman is president of the Beavertown War Memorial Association. Kauffman tells Newswatch 16 there is around $14,000 worth of damage at the memorial because of the fire.

"We want to create a new backdrop. Two trees need to be taken out, new sidewalks need to be put down," Kauffman said.

Kauffman is trying to get approved for grant money to help with the damage. People in Beavertown also financially support the memorial.

"We're 100 percent donation funded, no foundations. It's all through community grants," Kauffman said.

To donate to the Beavertown War Memorial Rose Garden, you can send a check to the organization's treasurer.

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