Nowhere to Shop in Schuylkill County?

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SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Rue21, the teen fashion retailer, will be closing its doors inside Fairlane Village Mall near Pottsville, joining other empty spaces inside the mall. It is one of hundreds of Rue21 stores closing nationwide.

"I really think it's a shame, like what's happened to our county because I grew up here. I remember coming to Rue21 when I was 12 years old," said Gabrielle Burke of Tresckow.

It's the latest bad news for malls in the area.

Just six miles from Fairlane Village is Schuylkill Mall where there is also plenty of empty space. Last month, anchor store BonTon announced it was closing its store there.

People tell Newswatch 16 when they have to shop, they travel to other counties.

"Wyomissing, about 45 minutes from where I live,” said Kelly Brensinger of Schuylkill Haven. "When I was younger and I would come up here, there used to be a lot more traffic, a lot more people, and there's really nothing here anymore."

"It's not busy. I don't think I've ever seen it busy. I don't think I've ever seen a lot of people ever. I've always been able to quick go in,” said Zak Testerman of Minersville.

Some shoppers say it may not seem like the biggest deal to have a vibrant mall in the area. They said it's actually more important to the community than you may think.

"When I was younger, like we used to all come hang out at the mall and now there's nothing really to do and you see in the paper all this crime and all these younger kids and it's because they don't really have anything to do. People don't even want to walk around because there's nothing to look at anymore. It's a shame I think. It's really sad," said Burke.


  • Shawn C

    Schuylkill County is such a disappointment. I wish downtown Ashland still had the gay store still but they dont! Wonderlicks was awesome in downtown frackville, this used to be once a great place! Sedco got to step it up! This place is going down the tubes faster than the glaciers are melting in the Arctic~!

  • jackieo

    What they should do in Schuylkill County is get a lead smelting plant like they had in Palmerton and work the white trash to death.

  • Shpicker

    Schuylkill county is a shit going broke county with crooked cops looking to make money for the county because its broke. I have no sympathy.

  • Keyon Young

    Half the workers at Amazon in Hazleton are from Schuylkill County. Low life’s that show up for work in their pajamas.
    Most are dentally impaired and wear the clothes every day. White trash is the worst

  • Just Sayin

    At least on amazon you don’t have to deal with a rude teenager who won’t put their cellphone down to assist you. And if you do manage to get their attention they act like they are doing you a favor and are an inconvenience to their social life!

  • bobc74

    The Schuylkill Mall has been dying since the day it opened. I can remember walking through there when it first opened and there were a lot of empty spaces back then too. Empty spaces covered with white and orange plastic pieces jutting out from the wall. Of course it didn’t help when Bon-Ton bought Hess, Sugarmans opened and closed within a 6-month time frame, Phar-more went out of business and Kmart bought Sears. And let’s not forget the opening of Wal-mart just a few miles away in St. Clair.

  • caps not on

    People think its really sad so do something about it stop buying things from Amazon and other stores online that is what is killing the malls and taking away more jobs.

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