Interstate Sign Draws Some Controversy and Comedy for Drivers

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COVINGTON TOWNSHIP -- For months, drivers on Interstate 380 north in Lackawanna County have seen a sign saying, "Lock Her Up," a reference to Hillary Clinton. But in recent weeks, the sign has been changed again and again and again. It's enough to keep many drivers looking to see what the latest message is.

"It's a little messed up, childish," said one driver.

The owners of the sign couldn't speak on camera, but told Newswatch 16 they knew their sign in Covington Township would get attention, but maybe not this much attention.

Vandals painted over it, changing the word "her" to "him," in reference to President Trump.

The sign was changed back.

At one point, someone spray painted something about Russians.

Again, the sign changed back to its original message.

Now, there's a new phrase, one that is derogatory of President Trump.

"I think it's pretty childish of them, but Trump is a good man," said another driver.

"I think it's ridiculous and to keep graffitiing over it is a little more ridiculous," said Carolyn Cunningham of Gouldsboro.

One man, who did not want to give his name or appear on camera, said he has painted over the graffiti back to the original message three times. It is not his sign, but he considered the graffiti disrespectful.

"It's the ones that probably wanted Hillary to win and now they're just spraying over them. They're mad. They need to take it down,” said Shirley Hoover of Gouldsboro.

The owners of the sign say they plan to keep it up until Hillary is locked up. They also say they have installed trail cameras to catch the vandals.


  • McCracken

    One of major problem, is that people want to paint each party with a broad stroke. Not all conservatives are idiots; neither are liberals. If you speak in such a fashion, you’re really just displaying your ignorance.

  • mcwhat

    Election is over. Get over it and grow up people. Support our country. Support our troops. Support our rights. The president in office should not change our support or love for our country.

  • Jeff Woehrle

    The democrats lost over 1000 elected seats during the two terms of “Barack Obama.”

    Methinks liberals have a much bigger problem than just President Trump.

  • Lance

    Trump supporters were accused of being haters. Well whiny liberals are too. They are the ones trashing the sign. I don’t know if any indictments will come here way. I just want her to go away. Besides seeing how the federal judges are making these ridiculous decisions what would really happen to Hillary? Nothing!

      • Lance

        Yeah he did. Bit if he did they will scream victors justice. Besides he has his hands full with judges constantly blocking every decision if his. It took him weeks to get his own cabinet seated because of continuous obstruction from the Senate. The democrats are still screaming over Russian involvement in the elections. We all know this but we will spend time and energy going over everything we already know. That will take up badly needed time.

      • McCracken

        It’s called checks and balances. Conservatives do the same thing, to protect their interests, as well. What you seem to want, is a dictator?

      • Lance

        No a dictatorship is not what anyone wants. However when nothing gets done because of partisan politics it gets frustrating. The politicians should work on compromise instead of digging their heels in every time a piece of legislation comes in. I don’t want emergency decrees or executive orders running the country. But we should have politicians working for the people instead of working for the party line

  • Givemeabreak

    Another failed goal by Trump. When are you people going to realize you have been conned? Just read today he is going to soften his stance on building the wall and may just used increased security. He has done nothing but lie. He is just like the rest of them. Next election we will be chanting hang them all.

    • Jd

      If our congressmen and representatives would get off their lazy asses and do their jobs, maybe this country could move forward! (Yeah, channel 16,I know, this comment is under moderation) LMAO!

      • Givemeabreak

        Everyone else’s fault. You sound like a whiny Liberal. The buck stops with the President the best deal maker.

      • McCracken

        It sure is. The problem is: supporters, on both sides, refuse to see the bipartisan gridlock. They just blame the opposition because that’s that they heard on the news, and they want to sound enlightened.

      • Jd

        Replying to really: the Republicans didn’t do enough to stop Obama! Billions to the number one sponser of terrorism, Iran!

  • lookback

    Yes, after the election lock up your opponent, the desire of despot dictators around the world, America used to be better than this but hey, the reality TV, pajama wearing home schooled are now in office so to hell with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, all just bow down to the Dear leader. Trumpers are so filled with hatred it oozes from them like puss from a boil, no offense to puss.

    • MOLLY

      Liberals aren’t handling it well? The sign is literally a big waah waah from conservatives. The fact the owners are going to keep it up until Hilary is locked up in is in itself not handling it well.

    • Make 'Murica Gag Again

      And conservatives handled the previous eight years SO well. LOL!

      You people sure can dish it out but when it’s your turn to take it, you’re the ones who retreat to your “safe spaces” after being “triggered.” You won. Get over it.

      • Lance

        Are you for real? Just who do you see protesting. Screaming nor my President. I don’t recall any demonstrations when Obama was elected. So yeah it is whiny liberal sore losers that haven’t got over the fact that Trump won hildabeast lost!

    • Jd

      Chuck, have patience. President Trump is a little busy right now trying to protect the US from getting bombed. The wall can wait awhile longer.

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