Farmers Donate to Ronald McDonald House

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SCRANTON -- Hoping to give people a home away from home, farmers from across our area made truckloads of donations Monday to the Ronald McDonald House in Scranton.

It was a busy morning for people at the Ronald McDonald House on Wheeler Avenue.

Boxes were lifted off trucks, stacked, and sorted by area farmers to help those at the house.

"People may wonder, why support something in the city? It's because a lot of times people have to travel long distances to seek specialized medical cares and it's nice to have a home away from home," said Cheryl Matulevich.

A group called Farmers Care has been collecting food, cleaning items, and gift cards since January.

This year, the farmers raised more than $4,000 to help give a home away from home for families with sick children who are in the hospital.

The Ronald McDonald House in Scranton can have up to eight families in it at one time. The donations made by farmers can help families and those who work inside.

Executive Director Richard Bradshaw says thanks to donations, workers have the opportunity to serve more people.

"They gave us checks so that we can pay the staff that we need to pay, and do the things we need to do, and buy the supplies we need to buy, so it's really a huge help to have our local farmers come together and plant seeds that you can see come to harvest as well," said Bradshaw.

Once the food is put away, organizers hope it will be one less thing for families to worry about while their child is at the hospital.

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