Demolition Underway of Former Community Pool in West Pittston

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WEST PITTSTON -- Some people in Luzerne County are sad to see their community pool turned to rubble.

Crews began demolishing the old pool in West Pittston Monday.

Newswatch 16 found some people who stopped by the site after workers left for the day. They grabbed a sign and a few pieces of the crumbling concrete to take as mementos. They said they don't even recognize the place where they spent much of their childhood.

"It looks like a mausoleum, really sad to see it go. It's like a piece of your childhood crumbling away. It's very, very painful," said Helena Falzone of Exeter.

"Everyone was friends with everyone. Nobody knew their names. Everybody would go to hang out, spend the whole day. You knew your kids were safe. It was just a great, safe atmosphere. We're gonna miss it," said Donna Yonkondy of West Pittston.

"Community pools in this day and age are becoming a rarity, and it really is a thing of the past. What's this thing been here? 50 years? 60 years it's been here? Long before I was coming here, so I'm not the only one in this community that really feels this at their core," said Jon Yonkondy of West Pittston.

Borough officials said they had no choice but to close the pool in 2012 once repairs became too expensive.


  • Frank Rizzo

    I’ve heard officers used the pool as a place to practice defensive tactics against assault turtles. :)

  • john williams

    The demise of Moon Lake Park is the best example of Luzerne County mis- management, a former beautiful park bing “returned to nature”.

  • Writer Girl

    This is happening in many small communities, which is a shame. Growing up, I spent many summer days at the local park, swimming. Good memories and keeps some kids out of trouble. Sad to see this.

  • Jbone

    Maybe if the politicians stop lining their pockets there would be money for the pool and other things for the young people ..opwn your eyes West Pittston you really need to invest in things for the young people or this town is going to end up just like Wilkes Barre anyone with Half a brain will leave area as soon as they are old enough

  • J

    They never have money for anything what actually happens with all the tax money State funds and other revenue the town receives …the roads are horrendous get a company to do the work that takes pride in their work I mean come on it’s a travesty ..ive done road work and this has got to be the worst ..even when we did temporary patches they were done with care and made for drivable conditions whoever is doing this road work should be embarrassed it’s truly ignorant send them to cold patch 101. I don’t know how they keep the contract out tax dollars are paying for this we should demand better really …oh I forgot the contractor is probably one of the politicians nephew’s sons or related somehow …nepetisim lives

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