Wegmans in Williamsport Gets a New Look

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WILLIAMSPORT-- If you're picking up a few things at Wegmans in Williamsport, you may notice a sign that says ‘pardon our dust.' If they don't catch your attention, the employees working to rearrange the shelves just might.

"There have been changes but not as drastic as this,” said Anna Mowery.

"This was where our general merchandising area was previously,” said Jared Fedor.

The store is under renovation. It's the largest remodel since this grocery store opened more than 20 years ago.

"And really the needs of our customers has outgrown the store, so that's why we are doing this. It's the perfect time to be able to do a bit of expanding, reorganizing, and make it a little more efficient for our customers to shop," said Fedor.

Wegmans is the largest grocery store in the city. The remodeling will be done in two phases so customers are less affected by the construction. A white wall wraps around the frozen food area. The store is replacing its refrigerators with brand new energy-efficient equipment.

"We added additional refrigeration over here to be able to still offer some of the products that our customers are looking for that's currently blocked off right now," said Fedor.

"Wegmans also plans to add on to its cafe area so by this October all of the outdoor seating will be inside.

"The sub shop where it is currently alright that will relocate next to produce department temporarily next to the bakery," said Fedor.

During the renovation, more employees will be around. If you can't find something, just ask!

"Our customers are getting used to the moving that's going on here but it's definitely going to be great in the long run,” said Maurie Babyar.

"They are very helpful and if you look you can find it,” said Anna.

With the remodel comes more space for more products. The renovations are expected to be complete by October.