University of Scranton Students Relay for a Cure

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SCRANTON -- The annual Relay For Life is underway Friday night at the University of Scranton. More than 50 teams will be here until 5 a.m. Saturday in an effort to raise money to fight cancer.

Each team has at least one member walking or running the track all night long.

More than 5,000 communities across the us host relays like this one. Here in Scranton, the goal is to raise more than $38,000 for the American Cancer Society.

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  • magicmikexxsm

    It’s nice that people do these things to raise money for Cancer , and it’s nice to see they found cures for some forms of it….But they will never cure Cancer altogether, nope never will happen.
    To much big money in it. think about it if they come up with a magic cure, think of all the money that would go away from research, and development.

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