Robbery at Scranton Bank

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SCRANTON -- Police are looking for a robber who hit a bank in Scranton Friday morning.

It happened at the Wells Fargo Bank at the corner of Meadow Avenue and River Street around 9 a.m.

Emergency officials have identified the suspect as Scott Michael. No weapon was shown in the holdup.

Police think he may have gotten away in a silver Honda.

Investigators released security camera images from the robbery.


    • Mahatma Gandhi

      And armed guard? To what end? Getting people shot and killed? Have any employees or public servants died as a result of these robberies?

      An armed guard is not a deterrent. It just means anyone looking for trouble will be inclined to bring their own firearms and try to catch security unaware.

      It’s only money. Wells Fargo has plenty more.

    • RicU.

      Manhatma has it correct. A guard is just a scare tactic. It also says, “COME GET YOUR MONEY.” Bank , I was on, are trained to give the money away. PERIOD. He had a note. He was on camera. Let him go. The money is insured 300++%. Here is the moath.

      The bad guy gets $2,500 on average or LESS. The bank files a claim with the FDIC insurance for about $5,000 to cover the rehab for the employees and the auditors for $5,00. The FDIC pays the bank about $10,000and now it is a federal case with federal law enforcement and federal lab rats . Conviction rate is about 88%.

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