Opening Day Set for New Scranton Theater

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SCRANTON -- At long last, there is an opening day set for Scranton's newest downtown movie theater.

The Iron Horse Movie Bistro along Lackawanna Avenue will open next Friday, April 28th. The original plan was to have the place open last spring, but construction delays pushed that back several times.

The former Marquee Cinemas will feature leather reclining chairs, restaurant style food and alcohol.

No word yet which films will be screened over opening weekend at the movie theater in Scranton.


  • magicmikexxsm

    So instead of just putting up with kids young adults texting and talking on their cell phones in a dark theater, now I will also have to contend with poss. drunks at the movie… doesn’t get any better then this people.

    • Glorious

      Movie Taverns like this are actually better than the standard theatre. The seating is more comfortable, more room, beer and upscale bar food available and its just a few bucks more.

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