Animal Rescue Donation Jar Stolen

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TAMAQUA -- Police are searching for a man who stole an animal rescue donation box in Schuylkill County.

The Tamaqua Area Animal Rescue was saving up the money for a new building.

The bin was first noticed missing on Thursday. Using surveillance video, police and rescue owners were able to determine the money was stolen on Wednesday.

Rescue workers are doing their best to make up for what was taken from them.

Inside Shafer's Pharmacy on Center Street, right next to the cash register, sit two donations jars for area animal rescues.

On Wednesday, Grace Sakusky of Tamaqua Area Animal Rescue noticed the donation jars were full and decided to collect on Thursday.

"I walked right in and said, 'it's gone,' and they looked all over and it was stolen," Sakusky recalled.

Tamaqua police say about $100 was inside the donation jar.

The man police are now looking for wore a red sweatshirt and a red backpack.

Lisa Shafer works at the pharmacy and says the unidentified man asked to use the phone.

"We were nice enough to let him use our phone and in the meantime, we have him on camera that he took the little animal rescue donation," Shafer said.

Video from a security camera shows a man using a phone then taking the donation box.

Tamaqua Area Animal Rescue was using those donations to hopefully having a building of their own.

"Those donations are strictly for the animals. They are for the spay neuter, they are for a facility so we can help more animals right now we just have an outside kennel."

They placed a new donation container on the counter on Friday, hoping the theft wouldn't stop people from donating.

"We are run completely on public donations and he doesn't seem to realize what he's doing. That money could pay to spay and neuter feral cats."

If anyone has information on the stolen donation jar or on the man in the surveillance picture, call the Tamaqua Police Department.


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