Woman Charged After Failing to Get Toddler Medical Attention in Lackawanna County

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DUNMORE -- A woman in Dunmore is currently behind bars after failing to get her two-year-old child medical attention.

Sherrise Zangardi of Dunmore was arrested Wednesday after police say she refused to get her daughter medical attention for a four-inch cut on her back from which she was bleeding.

Zangardi allegedly could not provide medical professionals with an explanation as to how the injury occurred.

The daughter also allegedly had bruises all over her cheeks, forehead, and chin, according to court documents.

After searching the home, police found no evidence that Zangardi attempted to care for the child's wound, but they did, however, find drug paraphernalia. Also, while officers conducted the search, a neighbor reported that Zangardi, "asked to use their computer to delete text messages from her phone."

Zangardi was also reportedly sitting on the front porch drinking vodka from a bottle and verbally abusing investigators during the search.

Zangardi was arraigned Thursday and is currently in the Lackawanna County Prison on $100,000 bail.

She is facing felony charges of endangering the welfare of children.


  • Paula Yale

    Familiar with her and her mother. Both are drug addicts and alcoholics. This comes as no surprise to me. Thank God she is locked up, and the child removed.

  • E

    Ha! Typical NEPA low class whore. Isn’t her behavior what you locals call “tough love”? I can hear her excuses now, stop being so politically correct, whats good enough for me is good enough for my kids. Ha ha!

  • Donamick

    believe it or not this is all for the best this child had no chance in heaven being with this mother at least now she’s got a chance to survive and possibly grow up happy and secure no one deserves a mother like this

  • Grammar Nazi

    It would actually be “from which she was bleeding”. You never end a sentence with a preposition.

  • seen it all

    Since I’ve seem C&Y give false reports to gain children , I won’t credit this beyond she’s a full alcoholic (vodka is more hidable ?) and needs to get beyond the drugs and back to family and work as a way of life .

  • think positive

    What a useless piece of garbage! It must be hard for police not to kick the poo out of garbage like this when they arrive on the scene of abused children.

  • Christine Mitten

    Times Leader, please edit “in which she was bleeding from”. Thanks! Praying for the child’s safety.

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