Vandals Paint Property in West Scranton

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SCRANTON -- A neighborhood in Scranton was hit by vandals overnight. Neighbors say this is just the latest frustration they've had with juvenile crime.

Close to 15 families woke up to tags written in spray paint on their homes, cars, or fences.

One teen has already been arrested for the vandalism but surveillance cameras in the neighborhood caught as many as six teens on the vandalism spree.

It was not the morning Mark Dziki of Scranton had planned for -- power washing graffiti from his driveway. His next door neighbor woke up to the stuff, too.

"First, I was like, 'who around here doesn't like us?' Because I just saw that and that and I walked down the street down there and I didn't see anything else," Dziki said.

He and his neighbor were not alone. Scranton police received more than a dozen reports of vandalism in this Scranton neighborhood. Most cases were along North Sumner Avenue and most cases had the same tag either a letter "N" or "N I N."

"We want nice neighborhoods, we want safe neighborhoods for people to live in and stuff like this," Dziki said. "I'm not going to say it hurts, but it definitely makes you frustrated."

A witness called police and officers were able to track down one 15-year-old boy who admitted to the vandalism but surveillance video shows he had some help.

Lee Schuster caught the vandals -- six of them -- on her home surveillance system. She wasn't surprised.

"We have the police here constantly because of young kids and according to the police they're hands are sort of tied with the laws and what they can do with the kids," Schuster said.

Schuster's daughter's home down the street was one of the ones marked with tags on the front of the home and a side fence.

"That's what my husband is planning on doing today. He's going to paint over it today, but you know, why was it done? It's just senseless, is what it is," Schuster added.

The one teen who was caught, and any others who may be arrested, would likely have to do community service or pay for the damage. Depending on the total cost of the damage, the vandals could face felony charges.


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