Snyder County Sheriff’s Office Welcomes K-9 Deputy Sheriff, Leo

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MIDDLEBURG -- There's a new deputy sheriff in Snyder County. He's a bit furry and he came all the way from the Czech Republic to work in Pennsylvania.

"He and I work well. Just from the very beginning, him and I worked very well,” said Chief Deputy Sheriff Lucas Bingman.

Bingman is back at work in Middleburg after a month of intensive training with his new partner Leo. He is the only narcotics detecting dog in Snyder County.

It wasn't easy taking pictures of the 1-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd. He is trained to sniff out drugs and find people, but Leo is still a dog. He likes to play.

"The scent of the drugs is associated with their toy so when they come out they want to find their toy, so that's why he is so driven because he just wants to play,” said Chief Deputy Sheriff Bingman.

Since the pup came all the way from the Czech Republic, Bingman has to tell Leo to sit in a different language.

The Snyder County Sheriff's office was able to pay for the K-9 unit through donations. Thanks in part to the community, in less than a year the Snyder County Sheriff’s office surpassed its $20,000 goal.

"I think we raised around $50,000," said Chief Deputy Sheriff Bingman.

After all of that fundraising, the Sheriff's department wants to introduce Leo to the community and to do that, they need transportation.

This dog can't just ride in any vehicle. He gets his own. Thanks to donations, Leo's services are free to all law enforcement in the county. The sheriff's office is willing to help surrounding counties, too.

"Nowadays, I think it's a huge importance, absolutely. I mean, there are so many things you have to look out for, it just seems like this is escalating in our area, unfortunately, and anything can help,” said Jennifer Aucker.

The dog came with the name Leo, and the sheriff's office decided to keep it. After all, Leo is an acronym for law enforcement officer.