80-Year-Old Marathoner Sets Record at Boston Marathon

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JERMYN -- Monday's Boston Marathon meant a milestone for a man from our area.

Tony Cerminaro of Jermyn has now run the Boston Marathon 25 times.  Cerminaro won his age group in his 60s, 70s and now in his 80s.

80-year-old Tony Cerminaro is proof that even if you start late, you can still come in first.

Cerminaro started running marathons at age 50.  107 races later, almost all of the medals he's earned hang in a room at his home in Jermyn.

On Monday, in his 25th Boston Marathon, he had the best time for his age group: 80 and over.

The race number he wore on his back on Monday did include his age. It was the only evidence that he is 80-years-old.

"They hit me on the back, I wanted to ask the race director if I could not wear that number because everybody, they're coming up to me, 'You're an inspiration. I wish I could. I'll never be able to run at your age!'" Cerminaro said.

Cerminaro can run at any age.  He's now the only runner to win his age group at the Boston Marathon in his 60s, 70s and 80s.   He credits good training and his wife's good cooking for his youthfulness.

He admits he's getting slower, but has no plans to stop running anytime soon.

"I'll go up there next year. Maybe I'll get invited next year and I'll be there," he said.